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What Our Patients Say

First of all, I want to say, Dr. Barney has given me my life back!! I have always been an active person. Working, raising my kids and keeping busy with outside activities. In my late 30’s the pain in my neck and back were really affecting my wanting to move, it just hurt too much. Through lots of physical therapy appointments I learned my neck and back was bone on bone thus having degenerative disk disease. So in order to get back to my life I was given the pain reliever Norco. The pills did the trick for several years.

8 years later…pain was an everyday reality of mine even with pain pills, they just seemed to dull it. I hurt to stand, sit, walk, work and sleep. I was barely taking care of my family…definitely not how I wanted to. Then I sneezed…I fell to the floor with my right leg on fire! The nerve pain was out of control. Nothing helped! It was so bad I had to lay in bed for a week, crying in pain, majorly upping my pain pill dose. My husband had to take off work to help me and the kids. It was horrible!

A good friend of mine came to see me and mentioned Dr. Barney’s. She said he had helped her so I should try him…what did I have to lose? My past experience with chiropractors was less to be desired, a waste of time and money. But, I was desperate!

My first appt. with Dr. B was interesting. I sat in the exam room listening to the other patients. There were 3 older women raving about Dr. B and how much better they felt. Dr. B examined my body (his 100 point check) and took x-rays. But most of all, he listened to me and how my life was out of control with pain. I had been hurting for so long. Dr. B was compassionate and gentle and extremely confident that he could help me.

So I went for it, I set up a treatment a 48 visit treatment plan. It took about 3 treatments for my nerve pain to subside. I spent 3 days a week in Dr. B’s office and little by little I was feeling better. Not to mention how much the positive atmosphere of the office made me a little bit more positive. I enjoyed going to treatments and about 3 months later I noticed…I no longer had the pain in my neck, shoulders and back. WHAT?? I felt so good I decided to get off of the pain medicine and live a healthier life.

Its been 16 months since I first met Dr. B. I can’t believe how much his chiropractic treatments have positively affected my life…my family…my attitude!

Thank you to Dr. Barney and all of his staff!! You ALL are close to my heart for your continued love and support!

- Jodi R.

Dr B is really amazing. He takes the time to listen to what is going on and makes his adjustments accordingly. I thought I had to live with a chronic shoulder and neck issue - but after seeing Dr Barney I am now pain free from a condition I have had for over 12 years. I have seen a lot of Chiropractors over the years, but none that come close to Dr. B. He’s the best!

- Denice Z.

Dr. Barney is easily the best chiropractor I have ever seen or known, and I have seen many!!! He has straightened up my spine and neck! He has wide knowledge of his subject, general wellness knowledge and has really made a difference in my life in just months. He actually should be teaching other chiropractors what to do! Dr. Barney has improved the quality of my life, helping me to be more energetic and just feeling good! I am also stronger and happier. Dr. Barney looks at the whole person, diagnoses what the patient needs and works toward that with each visit. His wonderful, thoughtful staff supports this talented chiropractor! Thank you so much, amazing Dr. Barney and Super Staff!!!!

- Elizabeth H.

Doctor Barney is very caring, positive, professional and excellent at what he does. His treatments have helped relieve pain in my back-and neck and for the 1st time in years I have hope of not being in pain for the rest of my life. His approach to healing is very logical and tailored to each individual. I've seen him adjust babies to the very elderly and everyone loves him and feels better!! I would highly recommend Doctor Barney to anyone who is in need of feeling better!

- Jodi R.

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I needed to avoid Chiropractic services for the last 11 years due to 2 failed neck surgeries this was out of fear that further damage may occur. Dr. B, treated a shoulder and stretched my neck and I feel better than I have for 2 years. I'm going back.

- Steve J.

Dr. Barney and staff were most attentive to my needs. I had severe pain in my neck when I came for my appointment, and every effort was made to accommodate my issues.

- Phyllis E.

I have always been skeptical of Chiropractors however I no longer feel this way. Dr. Barney has significantly helped my neck pain and overall health!

- Tom M.

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