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Miscellaneous Chiropractic Testimonials

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What Our Patients Say

I went home after my first appointment filled with so much knowledge. I wasn’t aware of how much my spinal column affected my entire bodily function. I am so impressed with Dr. Barney’s thoroughness in showing me exactly where my pain is stemming from. Through my journey of getting care, I learned so much about how to live a healthy lifestyle from all the tips and tricks from Dr. Barney and his welleducated staff. I also had the privilege of being a staff member for the last eight months and every day, I got see and be a part of benefitting patients and watching them leave the office much happier and more mobile than they walked in! Thank you Chirosport family!

- Katie R.

Always excellent care! I feel that this Chiropractic Care has changed my life. Dr. Barney is phenomenal. I'm amazed by Dr. B and the staff. The best.

- Jennifer W.

The best chiropractor. I recommend Dr Barney to everyone who is looking for treatment.

- Yelena Z.

I try and come here every once in a while for adjustments but more often them not I end up coming I'm because I'm young and tend to get hurt. Always helps straighten me out and feel alot better on whatever I dislocated.

- Jacob T.

Everyone was very friendly and welcoming and made me feel at home. Dr. Barney was very thorough in his exam and gave the impression he would leave no stone unturned in making sure I received the best treatment possible. At the same time he made me feel at valued and safe in his care. The office setting was warm and inviting, almost like being in someone's home. Very calming and comforting.

- Carolyne Y.

Symptoms We Treat

Don't live with pain any longer.

Thank you for being so amazing. The care that everyone takes with each patient is exceptional. I've referred my sister to you as she just relocated to the area.

- Patricia D.

Very friendly staff and experienced/helpful doctor - will definitely be back.

- (James) Mark D.

Excellent care every time--great team of people, upbeat & friendly...simply the best!!

- Kim M.

Great Experience ! Love the Atmoshere ! Great staff!

- Chris K.

Wonderful. The waiting is minimal especially compared to other types of medical practices!! Staff is friendly and professional.

- Tess K.

Dr. Barney is very knowledgeable and thorough in his treatment. I plan to recommend Dr. Barney to others in need of Chiropractic Services.

- Jeremey D.

Relaxed professional environment. Dr. Barney provides excellent chiropractic care and his staff is exceptional.

- Cheryl K.

Dr Barney is highly educated and a friendly doctor.

- Inna K.

Dr. Barney is the best. My neck is feeling excellent. Thanks Dr. Barney

- Tom M.

Dr. Barney and his staff are amazing! He treats my entire family of 4 with chiropractic care, and we have all experienced great health improvement! Dr. Barney is very passionate about the wellness of others, and wants everyone to live out their best health potential. I highly recommend this office!

- Dana S.

Dr. Barney is dedicated to his patients health and well being. He is unlike most chiropractors because he has a multifaceted approach to tackle correction & health from several forms of treatment. If you are looking for a doctor that can bring positive change to your life, in a timely manner, look no further!

- Dan D.

ChiroSport is not just another quick adjustment, it is an overall evaluation of your well being every time you go. The entire office staff is sincere in wanting you to achieve great results. Don't hesitate!

- Julia S.

I was able to be seen immediately for quick onset pain due to a cancellation. The staff was very welcoming and attentive. Dr. Barney was friendly, humorous, and very knowledgeable. After a thorough exam in a private room, I was adjusted to help alleviate sudden pain I found myself in that morning. I let with a clear plan of action to continue healing. I am so grateful! When you become a patient, you join their family. Yes, there are private rooms but also a general area in the center where adjustments are also made--typical of most chiropractic offices.

- Cristina M.

Such a pleasant experience. I went to a different chiropractor before Dr. Barney but I did not feel nearly as confident in his work. Dr. Barney knows what he's doing and I am so excited to be starting my treatment.

- Katie R.

Best experience with ANY physician in my life! Not to mention a really positive uplifting human being. Highly recommended !!!.

- Rich M.

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