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Back Pain & Disc Injuries Testimonials

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What Our Patients Say

Dr B has helped me walk upright again after a back injury over two years ago I've never felt better and walked pain free now NO SURGERY.ICE.ICE.ICE.DR B IS THE MAN.

- James D.

Dr. Barney is great! During my first consultation he took the time to not only diagnose me, but actually wanted to get to know me. He is Very knowledgeable and I could tell loves what he does. I've had back pain on and off for nearly as long as I can remember. The first treatment was awesome and he straightened me right out! I'll be a regular and am excited to see the changes in my body over time!

- Brenden M.

I have had back pain for months and after my being explicit on where the pain existed, with one Dr. Barney adjustment, all pain was gone. I iced last night and this morning, the pain is still gone. Thank you Dr. Barney!

- Nancy B.

Symptoms We Treat

Don't live with pain any longer.

I was scheduled for spine surgery due to ruptured disks and vertebra pressing on spinal cord. After 12 consecutive visits, X-rays show great improvement where surgery will not be necessary. Thank you Chiro Sport team!

- Carol F.

I recommend Dr. Barney to everyone all the time! I hope all of you are going in to see him? He certainly has made me feel better and I am healthier than I was when I broke my back. Thank you Dr. Barney

- Cheryl T.

Went in with a back ache and left feeling excellent with no back ache! Thank you Dr Barney!!

- Marcie B.

Absolute BEST chiropractor in Nevada, Placer and Sacramento county!! If you want back relief and overall improved health go see Dr. Glenn Barney and his very caring staff ...you will get excellent results!!

- Marcia E.

I've seen Dr Barney 3 x for severe back pain. Each time I left with the pain in my back gone. Yesterday was the first time in months I've woken up without back pain. I have always been a skeptic regarding chiropractic care but I can say I am now a believer.! I will only put my trust in Dr. Barney and his caring staff and I plan to continue my treatment at his practice. I would without hesitation recommend Dr. Barney to my friends and family...as a matter of fact I have done just that!

- Marcie B.

I came into your office with excruciating pain on the right side of my back and when I left I had no pain at all....amazing. You are awesome Doc.

- Dan A.

Dr. Barney is the best of the best. I used to have serious back problems when my doctor said I had a pinched nerve and required surgery 15 years ago. Since seeing Br. Barney for 15 years I have had no back problems and I have not been sick one time (with the exception of a runny nose about five years ago). His staff is friendly and casual yet professional. Like I say, the best of the best!

- Thomas V.

I had morning lower back pain for years until I started treatment with Dr. Barney. Now it's gone!

- David Y.

The best of the best! I love not having back pain and not being sick anymore. You guys not only provide the best preventative health care service, but you are our friends.

- Tom V.

Dr. B has helped me thrive through all of the back issues I've experienced over the years. He doesn't just adjust you and get you out of there, he focuses on healthy eating and exercise to support your back health.

- Kassandra P.

I wasn't a believer. Reluctantly I went in for a visit because other docs were chanting back surgery, but dr Barney said otherwise. I haven't felt this good in a decade. Amazing.

- Phil L.

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