Electric Muscle Stem Therapy

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Electrotherapy can cover a wide range of treatments needs and is used routinely in aiding injury recovery and severe nerve pain. It involves a specific form of gentle electric current passing into and through the skin, muscles and joints to help alleviate muscle spasm, reduces inflammation and pain. It can be very affective in temporary as well as long term relief.

Although results may vary from person to person, the results for some people will last for 1-2 days after the first session or the results may last for weeks or months for other people. We cannot accurately determine the length of time the results will last for our patients, but if a person has significant improvement after the first session, we can be assured that the following sessions will undoubtedly have very positive, long-lasting results.

The Electric Muscle Stem Therapy device should be used when people are experiencing nerve pain, muscle pain, or other kind of pain from an injury or other conditions that cause swelling or bruising. This device can also be used on people with poor circulation who are looking to improve their wellness and overall health.

Unfortunately, Electric Muscle Stem Therapy should not be used if a person is pregnant, has had organ transplants, has a pacemaker, hearing aid, other electronic implants or devices, or if they have non-MRI safe IUDs.