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What makes ChiroSport different than other Chiropractors?

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  1. We utilize physical therapy modalities so that the soft tissues (ligaments, cartilage, muscles, & tendons) maintain the structural alignment of the bone once its position is correct.
  2. We provide Nutritional advice so that each individual patients daily Vitamin usage will have a lasting affect. To that end we educate our patients on the best quality of products on the market.
  3. We make specific recommendations to our patients of daily CORE Exercises for their particular injuries or conditions, so that said activity strengthens their bodies in such a manner that are treatment continually disallows the need for continuos care once the correction occurs.
  4. We consult our patients regarding what they must change in their daily routines that are hindering our corrective process (i.e. daily bad habits of posture, lifting, sedentaryism, etc…)
  5. We are able to eliminate years of chronic damage to joint structures, which will not return if the patient follows their prescribed daily lifestyle protocols.
  6. We consult with our patients how to make occupational improvements through ERGONOMIC improvements.
  7. We prescribe and provide structural bracing to allow our patients to continue their occupation while undergoing treatment, as well as making personalized orthotics that can be put in their work or casual shoes.

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