The stats on prescription drugs

The stats on prescription drugs

Here's an eye-opening statistic: 40% of all prescription drugs made in the world are consumed by Americans, yet we make up only 4.46% of the world's population. There's more.

With so many Americans popping pills, it's not surprising that 100,000 Americans die every year from the effects of prescription medications. Over a million Americans a year are admitted to the hospital because of a bad reaction to a medication.

Most cases of adult onset diabetes can be prevented and possibly cured with a change in diet alone, with considerably fewer negative side effects and numerous healthy ones, such as weight loss, lower blood pressure and cholestorol, yet this typically is a condition treated with medication.

Americans spend $300 billion annually to support the prescription drug industry. Nearly half of all Americans take at least one prescription drug. The percentage of those who use two or more prescription drugs rose from 25% - 35% in the last 10 years. More than three quarters of those 60 and older use two or more prescription drugs and 37% take five or more.

Among children younger that 12, the most common prescription drug is for the treatment of Asthma.

Common drugs for those 12-19 are central nervous system drugs used to treat deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHA).

For those 20-59, it's anti-depressants with 10.8% of the population taking them. A close second is pain killers at 10.1% and cholesterol-lower drugs at 8.4%.

For the over 60 crowd, 44.9% are on lipid-lower drugs. Beta-blockers and diuretics to treat high blood pressure and heart disease ranked second and third respectively (26.4% and 19.9%).

Prescription drug sales are estimated to reach $900 billion by 2015. Make no mistake, this is BIG business.

For a montage of prescription drug side effects, watch "Prescription Drug Side Effects" by lapsus5 on YouTube.

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