Osteoporosis: The Essentials

Osteoporosis: The Essentials

Osteoporosis is low bone mass and loss of bone tissue that increases the risk of fractures and breaks, particularly in the hip, spine and wrist.
There are 3 key essentials for maintaining good bone health:
1)  Adequate amounts of calcium. Calcium comes in many forms today. Be sure your supplements are bound with boron which allows calcium to be absorbed in the internal structure of the bone. Products without it only help externally and can contribute to Osteo-Arthritis.
Recommended dosage: Under 40 and active youth - 1,000 mg/day. Over 40 - 2,000 mg/day.
2) Adequate amounts of vitamin D.  This "sunshine" vitamin is increasingly becoming a widespread deficiency problem (especially in winter months). Lack of adequate vitamin D leads to a variety of health problems and higher risk of bone fractures.
Recommended dosage: 2,000 IU/day.
3)  Regular exercise. It's never too late to get the benefits of regular exercise, however those who start young and continue over the years can greatly minimize the risk of bone-related problems.
Strength training is effective in strengthening muscles and bones in arms and upper spine. Weight-bearing exercises (walking, stair climbing, rope jumping, impact-producing sports) benefit leg bones, hips and lower spine.
Recommended routine: 3 times/week for 30 minutes or every day for 10 minutes. Weight-bearing exercises is also recommended.
ChiroSport carries high quality supplements to support and benefit good bone health. Stop by and we'll help you with a right solution for you!

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