How to treat ALLERGIES naturally

How to treat ALLERGIES naturally

Do ALLERGIES send you into seclusion? Do fresh flowers force you to flee? Does green grass make you grumble?

For ALLERGY RELIEF don’t just turn to the medicine cabinet or over the counter medications.  Consider treating your allergies without medicine.  You might find it more effective, and you’re boosting the body’s natural defenses while you take care of the irritation.

Depending on which data you choose to believe, seasonal allergies affect between 20% - 30% of the U.S. population (the lowest estimate is 30 million people). Those itchy, sneezy, wheezy feelings start in early spring, when the flowers start to bloom and  the grass begins to release pollen, and the misery continues through late June.

An allergy is an abnormal reaction by a person's immune system against a normally harmless substance.

Why does one person have allergies and others do not?  Some think it is genetics.  Actually, there is not much research to support that theory, or any other for that matter.   We believe some people may have a pre-disposition for allergies, however; there are many things you can do to prevent allergies or at least deal with the symptoms naturally.

3 Areas to address:

Structural Support:       7 of the 24 levels of the spinal nerves are allergy centers, if any are compromised, impinged or under pressure this can create a histamine release, increasing the possibility of allergies.  A chiropractic exam is a good place to start.

Immune Support:           Strengthen the immune system with an immune booster.  Nutritional information today offers several powerful natural anti-inflammatory/anti-histamine products.  We highly recommend Grape Seed Extract (available at our office).

Adrenal Support:           Encouraging the adrenal glands to produce hormones that fight allergies and reduce inflammation is the goal; Licorice Root is one of several products to consider.

By treating your allergies naturally, you boost and strengthen your immune system.  Not only are you fighting your allergy symptoms, you’re helping your body fight illness down the line.

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